Specialist Consultancy on Regulated Industries

BRIDGES is an independent consultancy founded in 1999. Its head office is in Berlin.

BRIDGES has positioned itself as a specialist consultancy on regulated industries and for regulated companies. For several years now, our main focus has been the healthcare industry and the companies operating within it, as well as their owners, the various interest groups and the public sector. Another focal point is the utilities industry, in particular water supply and sewerage, as well as on the energy sector and its stakeholders.

We provide consulting services across Europe, especially in Germany, through teams specifically composed to meet the needs of each client and mandate.

We make every effort to include the best expertise available on the market in our teams. Without exception, all consultants at BRIDGES have personal, long-standing sectoral and managerial experience in the markets on which they consult. On the basis of our many years of consulting experience, we have also established a broad network of associated specialists, which we can draw on as necessary.

We know the value of mutual trust. So it is our maxim to offer and maintain the highest possible level of confidentiality. This means that we are happy to present you with case studies, albeit only with the consent of our clients, and would be happy to discuss them with you directly.