Regulatory and Strategic Consultancy

In highly regulated markets – such as the healthcare and energy markets – accurate knowledge of the relevant regulations and their application is obviously critical to success. We utilise our longstanding familiarity with these issues in the context of M & A and consultancy in the areas of growth, restructuring and financing.

However, we also offer comprehensive regulatory consultancy to companies – preferably in the healthcare market – regarding rulings on product or process regulations, issues pertaining to compensation (reimbursement) and any necessary certification or accreditation. We work with the companies if necessary in order to develop strategic scenarios for business units and for the entire company.

Our particular areas of expertise are comprehensive consultancy services in the fields of medical law and regulations, which we provide to companies throughout Europe, and in the approval, introduction and commissioning of medical products/medical devices in Europe or on behalf of companies around the world.

Michael Weber, CEO, and Wilhelm F. Schräder, Partner, oversee our regulatory and strategic consultancy activities.